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India's most trusted and genuine Red Lead Manufacturer is HPPL Group and for last five years, this company is producing high quality Red Lead. The chemical name of Red Lead is called as Lead Tetra Oxide (Pb3O4). The Red Lead Powder supplied by us is smooth and has got reddish orange color. This powder is mostly used as a raw material in industrial applications and storage batteries.

Apart from all this, Red Lead Oxide is also used in tabular and positive plates of storage batteries as well as ceramic, plastic, rubber and glass industries. We being a responsible company, always make sure that proper business ethics are followed and a complete transparency is maintained while dealing. We consider ourselves as one of the best and leading Red Lead Manufacturer in India.

In our manufacturing facility we have installed furnaces and advanced automatic Barton Plant and as a result we are able to utilize manufacturing of Red lead Oxide using Pure Lead in a highly effective manner. This is the reason we are able to supply pure Red lead to our clients at reasonable rates. The Red Lead supplied by us is 99.98% pure and our product meets IS: 57-1989 Type A, B and C standards.

Red Lead Manufacturer India

We at HPPL Group offer Red Lead Powder at a genuine rate and is considered as one of the most well reputed Red Lead Manufacturer India. We deploy enough Quality and Checks to ensure that the quality of the material does not get compromised.

Non Setting Red Lead supplied by us contains 99.98% pure lead and least purity in different forms such as jointing grade, setting and non setting grade.

As mentioned earlier, HPPL Group is one of the best Red Lead Manufacturer India and which are used in storage batteries and to industries which are engaged in the production of tubular positive plates for storage batteries.

This Red Lead is also used in Paint and we being a Red Lead Manufacturer always ensure that high quality pigment is supplied to our clients so that instant mixed priming paints can be produced. This is the reason we are popular choice among various industries and are considered as one of the best Lead Oxide manufacturer India.

This Red Lead is also used in Glass and Ceramic and there are many companies which approach us for using this material in making glazes, lead glass and other related industries. This material is also used by the plastic as well as rubber industry. We always deliver assignments on time and there is no compromise with the quality of the material. We consider this as our other reason of success.

Red Lead Specifications:
 Setting GradeNon-setting Grade
ColorOrangeRed to brick red OrangeRed to brick red
Specific Gravity9.19.1
Apparent (Scott) density-gm/cc1.3 to 1.61.2 to 1.3
Retention on 240 mesh IS sieve(63 0. 15. 15 micron)(%max)0.150.15
Matter Soluble in water(%)0.30.3
Water Absorption90 to 110100 to 110
Acid Absorption150 to 160130 to 150
Volitile Matter at 105 c(%)0.20.2
Oil Absorption6-76-7
Free Lead(%max)TracesTraces
Pb02(%)22.6 to 33.233.3 and above
Pb30465 to 95.095.1 and above
Iron(Fe)<15 PPM
Copper(Cu)<15 PPM
Antimony(Sb)<10 PPM
Silver(Ag)<40 PPM
Bishmuth(Bi)<150 PPM