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Pure Lead Manufacturer

Pure Lead Manufacturer

HPPL group is leading manufacturer of pure lead. Customers can also avail 99.97%++ pure lead from Hyderabad Pigments Pvt Ltd which have min. impurities. In the manufacturing of Pure Lead, then we try to maintain 99.97% purity level, which is used in manufacturing 99% of pure lead products.

We use refined lead ingots for manufacturing, where we maintain the quality of the product. These refined lead ingots are tested with Optical Emission Photo Spectrophotometer which shows accuracy levels of elements up to 5 decimal of accuracy. We are a whole hearted pure lead manufacturer which supplies pure lead products manufactured from remelted lead ingots or lead scraps which are accessed from the process of Pyro-metallurgy.

Quality Manufacturer of Pure Lead in India

The company is the pure lead supplier India, thus ensure all the products supplied is manufactured maintaining the purity level. We use advanced manufacturing facilities which help in keeping the consistency of purity level in all the products. The company products are used in manufacturing of batteries, pigments, chemicals, stabilizers and many more, which requires the lead products to be of high quality. So, we also fulfil the demand of the customers by providing 99.97% purity products to them by using refined lead.

We regularly check the product after every stage of manufacturing of lead, which helps us to correct the product even if some mistake has happened. After all the phases of manufacturing are completed, the final product undergoes quality checks in the lab to make sure no impurities are present in the product.

As pure lead manufacturer India, the company makes serious efforts in selecting the pure ingots to be used for manufacturing pure lead products. The ingots used to manufacture pure lead products are dross free and have smooth surface area. The weight of each ingot is same, which makes all the products of the same quality.

Refined Lead Ingots

Refining processes are also installed by the group which refine the lead ingots and maintains a purity level of 99.97% or more. Several major initiatives are also taken in attaining this purity. We have different refining Kettles of capacity of 7 MT, 16 MT and 30 MT.

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Pure Lead Specifications:
ElementsSpecification Limits(%)
Copper(Cu)< 0.0010
Bishmuth(Bi)< 0.0150
Silver(Ag)< 0.0040
Tin(Sn)< 0.0010
Iron(Fe)< 0.0010
Calcium(Ca)< 0.0005
Nickel(Ni)< 0.0005
Cobal(Co)< 0.0005
Cadmium(Cd)< 0.0005
Selenium(Se)< 0.0005
Sulphur(S)< 0.0005
Zinc(Zn)< 0.0010
Aluminium(Al)< 0.0010
Tellurium(Te)< 0.0010