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Litharge Manufacturer

Litharge manufacturer

HPPL Group is one of the well known Litharge manufacturer India and supplies Litharge that is known chemically as Lead Mono Oxide (PbO) is an odorless yellow colored powder. Being a high profiled Litharge manufacturers India, we extend our customers, powder litharge, in varied grain sizes and also compacted litharge as a granulate and our clients can be ensured of high purity across all grades of Litharge we supply.

Our premium quality Litharge powder finds extensive usage in diverse manufacturing industry domains such as ceramics and glass, lubricants and greases, insecticides, inorganic pigments, Lead soaps, petroleum refining, rubber and PVC etc. Our Litharge pigment is also used to a certain extent in the ceramics and glass, paints and pigments, including explosives industries.

Litharge Manufacturer India

HPPL thrives as one of the efficient Litharge manufacturer to cater to the diverse Litharge Lead Oxide requirements of clients in a time bound manner. We supply this product at industry leading rates that are highly competitive in the market. Moreover, we retain product quality as our main objective so that we can absorb more and more customers in to our existing clientele

Litharge Manufacturing Process

As a well accepted Litharge manufacturer India, we have been able to install a sophisticated Barton Plant for Litharge production. The needed input is refined Lead ingots with at least 99.98% purity. The Barton plant output is passed to the furnace with their respective appliances, which consists of Litharge furnace, grinder, and cyclone and bag-house facilities, ending in a mixer / silo, Pulverizer and the packing section. We focus, as a reputed Litharge manufacturer India, on taking up an efficient Litharge manufacturing process that involves making use of Pure Lead as raw material with of 99.98% purity. Through retaining the name as an efficient Litharge manufacturer, we have put in practice a high quality control measures throughout our Litharge production process.

ColorBlakish to Greenish Grey
Melting Point897 c (It begins to sublime before melting)
Specific gravity gm/cm3905 to 9.9(Depending upon state of Crystalization)
Solubility in water gm/litre0.10
Thermal Stabilty250 c / 897 c
Apparent (scott) Density gm/cc1.8 to 2.2
Retention on 63 micron IS Sieve % Max0.1 Max
Water Absorption mgs/gm90 to 110
Acid Absorption mgs/gm80 to 110
Petrol Subsidence msg/gm0.40 to 0.42
Volatile matter (at 102 c % max)0.1
Insoluble in Acetic Acid % Max0.08
Solution in nitric AcidClear
Free Lead % Max0.01%
Red Lead(Pb304)% Max0.003% max
Other Impurities (Elemental)% Max0.003
Pbo Contents %99.98

Packing Details:

25 kgs. Nett in Polyethylene liners bags with outer HDPE woven- sacks.

50 kgs. Nett box packing.