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Lead Suboxide

Lead Suboxide

We at HPPL Group always ensure supplying of high quality Lead Suboxide and we have got a large number of clients all across India. The chemical name of Lead Suboxide is called as 2PbO.Pb and is available in grey colored powder. Lead Suboxide is also called as Battery oxide or Grey Oxide.

We have a team of professionals and we at HPPL make all efforts to make sure that lead suboxide quality is checked at every stage of production. All this helps us in getting uniform grey oxide powder quality and makes our clients happy. We being a reputed Lead Suboxide manufacturer always ensure that product is supplied at a reasonable price.

Grey Oxide

The Grey Oxide supplied by us is 99.98% pure and this is the reason we have got numerous recognition for being the best Grey Oxide Manufacturer in India. While making the Pure Lead we ensure that 99.98% purity level is maintained and this material is further processed at our fully mechanized Ball Mill Plant. During the entire process the temperature levels are maintained in the range from 115 degree Celsius to 135 degree Celsius. All this helps us in smooth manufacturing of Lead Oxide at our plant.

We have a team of professional engineers and workers and they have got years of work experience. This is another reason behind the fine and high quality of the material. Our quality control department conducts regular check and in fact each and every process is carefully monitored so that nothing goes wrong. High quality is our success mantra and it also makes us as among the best Lead Suboxide manufacturer in India. You can fill up the form on our website and contact us with your specifications and we will ensure to supply the finest quality of Lead Oxide and Grey Oxide.

You can also refer to the below mentioned table and check the composition of the material as well as impurities ratings. The best part is that excellent results are showcased and you can use our material with complete confidence.

Lead Suboxide Specifications:
ColorBlakish to Greenish Grey
Crystal StructureTetragonal
Apparent (Scott) density gm/cc1.4-1.6
Retention on 63 Micron IS Sieve % Max6% max
Retention on 325 mesh %8% max
Water Absorption mg/gm110-120
Acid Absorption mg/gm160-120
Free Lead(% Max)25-40
Combined Leas Monoxide % formed60-75
Iron(Fe)<10 PPM
Copper(Cu)<10 PPM
Antimony(Sb)<10 PPM
Silver(Ag)<40 PPM
Bishmuth(Bi)<150 PPM
Packing Details:

25 KG's. Nett in Polyethylene liners bags with outer HDPE woven-sacks.

50 KG's. Nett box packing.