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Lead Oxides Manufacturer

Lead oxide Manufacturer

HPPL Group has a very good knowledge of production and the technical implementation of lead oxide. Being a reputed manufacturer of lead oxide India, we have the creation of a manufacturing plant in the industrial area of Mahbubnagar Kothur to produce a modern, environmentally friendly equipment are developed and designed by reputable companies.

Lead oxide Manufacturer

HPPL Group produces Oxide Mill Grey Oxide, Barton Powder Oxide, Granulated Litharge, Red Lead oxide with the pristine purity which was first used in a number of industrial applications. Our manufacturing plant, we produce leads oxide which guarantees impeccable quality. Our products are supplied in different packing forms such as HDPE bags of 25 kg, 1000 kg jumbo bags packed on pallets after completing the manufacturing process. In addition, the manufacturing process is strictly controlled by our team of quality controllers to ensure purity at each stage of manufacturing.

Red Lead oxide

HPPL Group manufactures one of the finest quality of Red Lead with minimum impurities and this Red Lead is used in many industrial applicacations primarily in storage batteries. Our Red lead oxide is tested in our wet analysis lab to match customer speficications and we ensure to supply the Red Lead oxide as per customer specifications.

Lead Suboxide

Batteries Lead Suboxide: As a main leading suboxide manufacturer, our product is in great demand in the production of batteries that are needed to support power tools. As a reputable lead oxide manufacturer, our product is used by wide range of lead acid batteries manufacturers.


We manufacture and supply powder or pellet form Litharge for our industrial customers for applications such as lead stabilizers in PVC processing, ceramics and glass, lubricants and greases, insecticides, lead soaps, petroleum refining etc.