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Lead Alloys Manufacturer

Lead Alloys Manufacturer

HPPL group is one of the reputed companies which supplies lead alloy products to different industries which make use of these products in their applications. Different lead alloy products are supplied by the company which has made the group recognized as one of the leading lead manufacturers.

The company uses different strategies for manufacturing global lead alloys in a cost effective manner which maintains the industry standards. High potent diesel burners are used so that the production of these products is done in a systematic and flawless manner. The group has expert production facility which provides best rendering services to their customers.

Lead Alloy Manufacturer

As the leading supplier of lead alloy products, the company manufactures different lead alloys products like antimonial alloy, selenium alloy, calcium alloy and many more. These products are mostly used by different industries in completion of their applications. Let's have a look at some of the most commonly used lead alloy products:

Lead Antimony Alloy

High quality lead antimony alloy is supplied by the company which is mainly used in the manufacturing of storage battery grids and casting. Lead Alloys undergo stringent quality tests along with final reports from Optical Emission Photo Spectrophotometer which shows the accuracy of elements in the alloys maintain the right specifications before being supplied to customers.

Tin Lead Alloy

Lead tin alloys are the most common products used by different industries as they are used in melting, casting and many other diverse processes. This product acts as an important ingredient in the manufacturing process of different companies. HPPL group in India supplies finest lead alloys products so that the industries can obtain positive results.

Lead selenium alloy

Lead Selenium alloy is used to provide strength to the surface and is mainly used by battery industry in storage battery grids and casting. Premium quality is also supplied by the group which consists of Antimony 2-3% and Selenium 0.03%.

Calcium Lead Alloy

The most extensively used products in storage battery grids and metal casting purpose is calcium alloy product because it is highly reliable and is able to produce the best results. The performance of this product is far better because of the top quality material used in manufacturing this product.

These are some of the lead alloy products manufactured by the company. The customer can also buy different lead alloy products as per their specifications. Specifications of all the products are also present on the website which helps the customer to select the product according to the requirement.

All the products supplied by the company are cost effective and offer high performance. This is the main reason behind the increasing popularity of the company which has made them the lead alloy supplier. The company also deals with other lead products which are also used by many industries, which makes the company the leading supplier of lead products in India.

Selenium Lead Alloy Specifications:
Elements(%) Limits
Antimony(Sb)2.500 ± 0.2500
Aresenic (As)0.1500 ± 0.0500
Tin(Sn)0.250 ± 0.0250
Selenium(Se)0.0300 ± 0.0050
Other ImpuritiesWithin Specific Limits

Calcium Lead Alloy Specifications:
Calcium Alloy for Negitive Grids: Elements(%) Limits
Calcium(Ca)0.090 + / − 0.010
Aluminium (Al)0.030 + / − 0.010
Tin(Sn)0.400 + / − 0.100
Other ImpuritiesWithin Specific Limits
Calcium Alloy for Positive Grids: Elements(%) Limits
Calcium(Ca)0.070 + / − 0.010
Aluminium (Al)0.030 + / − 0.010
Tin(Sn)1.100 + / − 0.100
Other ImpuritiesWithin Specific Limits