Lead Manufacturer India
Pure Lead Manufacturer
Pure Lead Manufacturer

HPPL group is leading manufacturer of pure lead. Customers can also avail 99.97%++ pure lead from Hyderabad Pigments Pvt Ltd which have min.

Lead Oxide
Lead oxide Manufacturer

Lead oxide Manufacturer HPPL Group produces Oxide Mill Grey Oxide, Barton Powder Oxide, Granulated Litharge,

Lead Alloy Manufacturer
Lead Alloy Manufacturer

Lead Alloy Manufacturer As the leading supplier of lead alloy products, the company manufactures different lead alloys products like antimonial


Lead Manufacturer

HPPL group is the growing lead manufacturer company which supplies top quality products to its customer. The company carefully examines the manufacturing process, thus ensuring the products manufacture is of high quality and are able to fulfil the needs of the customer. The company is the lead supplier for the last three decades, which has helped them to be recognized as the best leading lead manufacturer in India. Many overseas clients are impressed by the quality of the products and because of this the company has gained huge popularity.

Quality Lead Manufacturer India

The company deals with several lead products like pure lead, lead oxide, lead alloys, lead metal, etc. We buy re-melted lead ingots from various vendors and process it to prepare best quality lead alloys. The company keeps the environmental hazards in mind, that's why we manufacture lead ingots through Eco friendly activities.

The company deals with all lead oxide products, i.e. lead suboxide, red lead and litharge. These products are used in different important processes like raw material for battery plates, Electroplating Anodes, etc. The company deals with best lead supplier, so that the best outcomes can be obtained by the customers.

Different quality methods are used to manufacture of lead!

The company is the lead suppliers of lead metal supplier and many more products. Several quality methods are being used to check all the products manufactured are of top quality. Let's have a look at some of the different quality methods used:

Different high quality equipments are installed

To ensure quality of the product, different equipments like Optical Emission Photo Spectrometer is installed, which checks the quality from the initial lead ingots to the final ingots. The equipment will not only check the quality but also make sure that the consistent level of quality is maintained by the manufacturing process.

Lead manufacturer has an expert panel which carefully tests the products

An expert panel includes consultants, technicians and chemists which carefully test the products and make sure the iron and copper content is restricted to a certain amount only. If we find the content more than the required levels in any product, then we ensure the product is not approved to be dispatched to customers.

Pollution control system which controls pollution level

Special pollution control systems are installed by the company which do not let any harm to be caused to the environment through the manufacturing process. Special scrubbers and dust collectors are also installed, which are responsible for effective pollution control system.

Lead manufacturer India strictly follows industry standards

Manufacturing lead products is a complicated task, so our company follows all the industry standards and provides special training and workshops to our workforce, so that they can maintain the safety standards.

HPPL Group is the leading manufacturer of lead products in India and will be the leading supplier of the lead powder supplier and many different products in all over the world.